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ROK Technology is an innovative, privately owned, information and communications technology (ICT) company with core competencies including technical and application software development, content authoring, technical support, consulting and training.


ROK was established in 1996 to pursue a larger vision encompassing several key technology groups, which are also managed as individual business units. In addition to continuing to pursue our larger vision ROK has developed each of the business units separately and jointly to varying levels.

Our business units are provided below :


ROK.IT - software development and technology consulting and services

Net3 - inter-intra-extra net services, systems and infrastructure

Mobility - mobile and portable computing

ID Systems - identifier and data collection systems

EART - embedded, appliance and real time technologies and services


Our larger vision, history and goals are provided under the Who pages.


Customer Focus

Our customer base includes commercial and not-for-profit enterprises of all sizes. Since our inception we have maintained a policy of NOT providing our products and services to personal, or end user customers.


Supported Computing Platforms

Our provision of development resources, solutions, tools, consulting and training support the following operating systems, technologies, devices and architectures (Computing Platforms) :


Site Applicability

Our products and services are provided directly and indirectly to commericial users and enterprises. Personal users and academics may find the content informative and is provided under the terms of the copyright statement found in the link at the foot of all pages.


Although not all of our products are applicable to all market areas, we do have products that are suited to every industry and vertical market.


All Microsoft® Windows® and Win32® based operating systems including the Microsoft® Windows® Embedded family of operating systems.

Microsoft® MS-DOS® operating system

Portable Data Terminals (PDTs) and computing devices from various manufacturers, using proprietary and OEM specific operating systems and development tools

The Internet

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